Friday, 1 October 2010

Way to backup your blogger template

why you need to save or backup your template? We suggest that we are doing this because things sometimes happen unexpectedly, for instance, knowingly or unknowingly with the layout of your blog should not interfere. If you have an extra set is stored in a computer, many do not want that to happen again in full agreement with what you would expect, of course, not because of the affair seems.
Backing up each time you want to play with the code should be a model. Better yet, you always have the latest version of the model was last modified on your computer.

Now you understand how important having a backup model, we need to get started:
• Login to your account at Blogger (if you're still logged in)
• Dashboard, Layout, HTML, click the Download full template and your computer, you look like a computer screen go to edit:
Screen 1
 image hosted by Blogging tips and money making information and
Screen 2
 image hosted by Blogging tips and money making information and
Voice of the model under the backup / restore, the link "Download complete" blueprints and templates that you saved on your computer, and then remember where you save the template have a backup copy of your blog template ..

If you do not like change, you click the Browse button and the template file you want, "Upload photo (see above), click, and then you want to find your model on condition that must be repaid may recover the original pattern.

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